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Backbone of the Wehrmacht

The German K98k Rifle 1934 - 1945

by Richard D. Law


Published by Collector Grade Publications

Author's Revised Edition, 1993 (38 extra pages, 150 new illustrations)

Illustrations of every model, marking, variation and accessory. Truly the most comprehensive study of the K98k rifle ever published. Contains extensive information on the K98k; the materials and methods used in the manufacture, inspection and acceptance. A year-by-year chronology of K98k manufacture, with illustrations of markings and data sheets on over 100 contractor/year variations, plus exhaustive data on quantities produced, manufacturing times, personnel, and costs; commercial and contract K98ks. H/C 384 pages, 478 illustrations.

Sniper Variations of the German K98k Rifle

by Richard D. Law


Published by Collector Grade Publications

Deluxe First Edition, 1996

In-depth account of the telescope-sighted K98k, specialist weapon of choice for most German snipers during WWII. Three different types of telescopes were mounted, on specially selected K98ks, first by designated Army Ordnance Supply Offices of the Heereszeugamter (H Za) and then by selected private contractors, using a variety of mounts. All are fully discussed and clearly depicted. Enriched by many rare and previously unpublished documents. H/C 240 pages, 291 illustrations.

Mauser Bolt Rifles

by Ludwig Olson


Published by F. Brownell & Son Publishers

Long awaited, complete, authoritative presentation of the Mauser Bolt Rifles. Over 672 photos, drawings, exploded views, cutaways. Hundreds of charts, data and symbols. The ultimate source on the subject. H/C 364 pages

The K98k Rifle

by G. de Vries & B.J. Martens


Published in 2000 by Special Interest Publicaties BV

ISBN 90-805583-1-1

The K98k in action ! Features photos of the K98k in use, depicting weapons and accessories as used. Including early developments of the K98k and its variations, accessories, ammunition, markings and codes. 225 B&W photos. H/C 152 pages


German Military Rifles & Machine Pistols 1871-1945

by Hans Dieter Götz (translated by Dr. Edward Force)


Published by Schiffer Publishing

ISBN 0-88740-264-X

Portrays in words and pictures the development of the modern German weapons and their ammunition, including the experimental types, such the predecessors of the 98 carbines, and the first machine pistols in the world. H/C 245 pages

German Military Letter Codes

By John Walter

Published in 1996 by Small-Arms Research Publications

ISBN 0-9526927-0-8

A selection of military equipments manufacturers codes with a detailed information about the types of material on wich the codes have been found. H/C : 128 pages


Deutsche Fertigungskennzeichen bis 1945
(German Manufacturing Codes to 1945

Published by Visier Edition (506 pages - soft cover)

ISBN 3-9811018-5-5

by Michael Heidler - to order

Contents : (text in German and English)

The evolution and application of production codes - The secret armament code letters, code numbers and abbreviations (1925-1940) - Encoded years of production - The letter code system (1940-1945) - Other code systems - Reaction of the Allies - The problems of assignment and localisation. Armament factories supplying the Army untill 1927 - Armament factories supplying the Navy untill 1927 - Permitted armament factories starting in 1927 - Abbreviations for company names, starting mid of 1936 - Encoded years of production, starting in 1925 - Production codes allocated to the suppliers of K98k parts - Production marks for powder and explosives manufacturers starting 1940 - Dates of issues of the production code-lists for arms, ammunition and equipment - Branch identity characters of the Reichszeugmeisterei - RZM numbers of the medal manufacturers - Abbreviations