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The German Sniper: 1914-1945The German Sniper: 1914-1945

The complete story of Germany's sniping arms development through both World Wars. Presents more than 600 photos of Mauser 98s, Selbstladegewehr 41s and 43s, optical sights by Goerz, Zeiss, etc., plus German snipers in action. An exceptional hardcover collector's edition for serious military historians everywhere.

Mauser 98 G43 / K43 ZF4 ZF-4 Reproduction Sniper ScopeMauser 98 G43 / K43 ZF4 ZF-4 Reproduction Sniper Scope

This is a quality reproduction of an original WWII era ZF-4 4-power sniper scope. This type of scope was used on Mauser 98K rifles and G43/K43 rifles. Manufactured using original drawings and high-tech optics machinery, including state-of-the-art single-point diamond turning equipment. Scope includes 3-post crosshairs, period markings and is collimated with a pre-setting of zero/300. Scope is marked GW ZF4 ddx, which was typical of many war time production scopes. Elevation turret is marked in 50 meter increments from 100 to 800 meters. Windage turret includes nine hash marks consisting of a center mark with four marks on each side for left and right adjustment. There are two clicks between each mark for half MOA movements.

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