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Mauser 98K Stock & Handguard Set, Walnut, Oil FinishMauser 98K Stock & Handguard Set, Walnut, Oil Finish

This new reproduction walnut stock and handguard set is completely finished and features a true military configuration with oil finish. Manufactured using the latest CNC and robotic technology, resulting in perhaps the best fitting, most attractive and consistent stock ever offered. No grinding, sanding or custom fitting of parts required, as each stock is put through an intense laser guided inspection process to insure uniform specifications and a perfect fit. The stock is inletted for the flat style buttplate and 1.175" diameter bolt takedown discs. The metal hardware is not included with this set.

Mauser 98K ZF-41 Sniper Scope ZF41Mauser 98K ZF-41 Sniper Scope ZF41

This is a Mil-Spec new reproduction of the WWII ZF-41 2-5x power scope. It is manufactured using the original drawings and high-tech optics machinery, including the state-of-the-art single-point diamond turning equipment. The scope includes post crosshairs, adjustment rings, a sun shade, and period markings. It is factory collimated with a pre-setting of zero/300 yards.

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